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  • Yueqing tin caulis dendrobii industry association was founded in 2012 on August 6, now the office address in the town of yueqing yueqing possessors village creek road, come loose with the constitution of the specification and management system, archives, complete machine account.Membership of 331 people, there are 10 association team, technical backbone 42 people, caulis dendrobii experts 15 people as technical adviser, drive the 5700 peasant households.Association by yueqing engaged in tin caulis dendrobii cultivation, transformation, processing, marketing, scientific research units and individuals that are composed of voluntary nonprofit organization, belongs to the corporation.Equipped with a full-time staff of five, in maintaining the legitimate rights and interests, reflect the appeal, the respect such as service has played a positive role, inputs to designated supplies[查看详情]
The second cultural festival
  • Dendrobium tea
  • The stem of Dendrobium candidum
  • Dendrobium flower
  • Potted Dendrobium
  • Tiepifengdou
  • Alpine soft foot Dendrobium fresh
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  • 雨露甘霖
  • 润
  • 专家评审会
  • 滋润作者曹国永
  • 一丝不苟作者金传高
  • 滴水观音
  • 朝气蓬勃
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